Celebrating the Women of the bar industry

On 21 April 2018, we had the amazing Caitlin Hill and Lauren Penny from Cape Town and our incredible Head Bartender, Mish Cherie Chinnah behind the bar with a newly designed menu just for the evening.

We celebrated some of the most talented and innovative people in the South African bar industry. Each drink is inspired by a famous South African Woman, some unsung heroes, and some obvious ones. All of which changed South Africa for a better country.

The Sky Lark of Sin City

The Sky Lark of Sin City cocktail illustration with pigeon

Marelise Madras

Marelise Madras cocktail illustration with barrel

The Sambo

The Sambo cocktail illustration with flying orange

15 Hundred

15 Hundred cocktail illustration with grapefruit


Shocker cocktail illustration with mango

Wathini’ Imbokodo

Wathini' Imbokodo cocktail illustration with radio

Notes on Caitlin Hill

Notes on Mish Chinnah

Notes on Lauren Penny

#mooteeshebeen menu cover - Mandela quote