We All Need A Place Of Healing

Historically, alcohol has played a very important role as a healing agent in ancient and later in modern societies. What started out as a “spiritual” healing ritual (a liquid heated to evaporate and turn into gas – likened to the spirit leaving the body and then being reincarnated as a better/cleaner version of itself), eventually became a process of preservation (the distillation of alcohol), intensification and purification. Preserving a herb or root with known health benefits, intensifying its effectiveness and purifying it’s healing properties.

Medicinal origins of spirits

The most common, or rather most widely accepted spirit to be used medicinally, was gin. 1100 CE in Salerno, Italy was known for having the greatest medical school in history.

Salerno was also very well known for their great quality Juniper Berry and this aromatic berry was also known to be a popular diuretic. Around 1330/40 the Bubonic Plague aka Black Death hits China and Europe, and the disease attacks the lymph system. Lymph, a clear liquid, circulates through the human body building the immune system through a network called the Lymph System.

A rudimentary “gin”, due to the healing properties of juniper berry, is used to combat the disease and on occasion healers even burned the juniper berry bush to fumigate the streets and homes against ‘the plague’.

Evidence exists that proves that alcohol was used as medicine pre-dating the birth of gin even. Greek physician Galen (129 AD – c. 200/c. 216), known as the most influential writer of all time on medical subjects, has been quoted as stating “(Wine is) the nurse of old age.”.

Dating back even further, remanence of clay vessels found in northern China, from 7000-6000 BCE, appear to be the oldest surviving proof of the existence of alcohol. These vessels contained a mixture of rice wine, flavoured with honey and grapes. This “Yao jiu” was a non-distilled, fermented alcohol specifically used as medicine.

Modern  opinions on the benefits of alcohol

Even today, the majority of physicians still claim the health benefits of regular moderate alcohol consumption. Physicians claim that the regular responsible consumption of alcohol can lower one’s risk of heart disease, improve the libido, lower the chances of diabetes and even decrease your chances of developing dementia! In a study that was done in 1993 on 391 non-smoking adults, at Carnegie Mellon University, results showed that a moderate consumption of alcohol even decreased the chances of catching a common cold.

Another study that was done in Spain in 2012, further strengthened this argument when their results showed that drinking 8 to 14 glasses of wine a week, reduced test subjects’ chances of catching a cold by up to 60%.

Alcohol, however, doesn’t only have physical healing properties. What is better than drinking a glass of wine after a long day at the office? Or an ice cold beer on a warm summer’s day… and the calming effect that comes with it.

Alcohol has the ability to loosen the tongue, making awkward social encounters more bearable. It builds the courage that leads so many to speak their mind (sometimes good; sometimes bad) when they otherwise bite their lip. Booze has the ability to help us free ourselves from the shackles of everyday mundane life, by providing us with an outlet for escapism. Responsible alcohol consumption can soothe the soul and mend emotion.

Seeking healing in new places

The bar then, should be considered as a special place don’t you think…? A healing theatre for the body and mind. At Mootee, we believe this to be true. A bar should be a place where all feel welcome; no one feels intimidated, and everyone can relax, release and restart.

This mentality is the heart of hospitality and the core of Mootee Bar. Drinks that offer comfort. Music that moves the body, suggests well-being and promotes positive sensations. An environment that allows for one to shake off one’s qualms and people that provide homely service.


One example of such a drink, is HILDAGONDAS IMPROVED MILK PUNCH V.5. The #cockTale reads:

“As she paced the length of her beloved kitchen, Hilda felt the familiar sense of creativity overflowing in her. Her guests were from vastly different cultures and she felt it her duty to bring them together through her hospitality. That was the purpose of good food and drink, after all! Many a time, she had eased the silence with her mouth-watering recipes, and today would be no different.

Her beloved guests would embark on a journey, starting as complete strangers – and through discovering what they have in common – would become great friends. With her three-course meal paired with the finest wines and mixed drinks, she would send their senses into overdrive. As she served the guests and watched them savour their starter, the taller gentleman stood and said, “There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!”

This clarified milkpunch is the result of the natural reaction between citrus and diary. Prepared by combining verjuice, distilled Mrs Ball’s Chutney bitters, raison brandy and van der hum with whole milk, creating a separation between lactose and proteins. The outcome is a delectable mixture with the mouthfeel of milk, but with none of the fats. A traditional cocktail technique, from yesteryear, adapted from South Africa’s very first cocktail book, perfected at Mootee Bar.

So as they say, all good things in moderation. Alcohol has fantastic benefits if used wisely. So pay us a visit, and let the healing begin.