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Meet SA’s #TravellingBartender and His Ultimate Summer Refreshment

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Africa's Magical Mootee Bar in World's Top 10

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“Summer is here, which means it’s time to pickle yourself in sun and cocktails. Come early next month, Mootee in Melville will be the newest place to do just that.

Focusing on experimental cocktails, Mootee looks to bring a fresh, African take to cocktails.”



“The new kid on the block, Mootee Bar challenges its patrons with what they think Africa is through creativity and their roots. Cocktails are concocted from traditional healing herbs grown from local soil and combined with cutting-edge mixology technology to give you an otherworldly experience.”

Hello Joburg

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“Mootee is described as a place of healing for the soul, so it’s no wonder the cocktails at this contrived hideout are referred to as ‘prescriptions’ and the bartenders-cum-made-scientists are in rare form.”

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“Mooteebar needs a place in this blog because: a) It’s in Melville; and b) It’s the most unique and innovative bar in Johannesburg. If you are remotely interested cocktails, no matter where you live in this city, you need to give Mooteebar a try. You will either love it or you will hate it — there are few in-betweens when it comes to opinions on this place. But Mooteebar is worth a trip either way.”