Mooteebar All Women’s Spaza Shift

A tribute to amazing South African women, we had Caitlin Hill, Lauren Penny and Mish Cherie Chinnah behind the bar for the All Women’s Spaza. View the menu here.

A Definition of True Hospitality

‘True hospitality’ is a, somewhat, an ambiguous term. Stay with us and we explain what the term means and how we’re trying to instill a different mentality.

#mooteeshebeen Scout London Menu

Dominic Walsh is joining Matt Whiley and the Scout team in London, on 27 January, mixing some Mootee Bar Cocktails. Have a look at our amazing menu here.

#mooteebar videos

#mooteeshebeen is about travelling the world and spreading the word about our home country. View our shenanigans wrapped up, here. From Africa to the UK and back again, see where we’re headed next.

Mootee – A Place Of Healing

Historically, alcohol has played a very important role as a healing agent in ancient and later in modern societies. What started out as a “spiritual” healing ritual (a liquid heated to evaporate and turn into gas – likened to the spirit leaving the body and then being reincarnated as a better/cleaner version of itself), eventually became a process of preservation

What we encompass as Africans: MOOTEE Culture

What we encompass as Africans: MOOTEE Culture Author: Dom Walsh The Cat, The Dog and the MOUSE As soon as Africa is mentioned (especially abroad), it is guaranteed to be followed by the same questions…Do you guys have internet? Are you not scared of being eaten by...